TYPE NINE: The Harmonizer

Motivated to maintain harmony.

Nines want peace and harmony. Nines generate a sense of comfort in a group—they get comfortable and make people around them feel at ease. They can be excellent at mediating situations and are skilled at seeing all sides of an issue. Examples of roles where Nines shine with their ability to get along with everyone are as a Sales Account Manager, Director of Alumni Affairs, Resort Manager, and Conflict Mediator. Nines play an important role in just about any type of team as the glue that sticks people together or the buffer that softens conflict. Nines are often the consummate team players. Since people feel so comfortable with Nines, they go to them with their problems and confidential concerns. Nines become privy to important information that they can use to gently guide the team to cohesion.

People experience introverted Nines and extraverted Nines differently. Introverted Nines have a quiet presence while extraverted Nines can have a big energy that is immediately felt in a room. While at first these styles seem different, both styles have a way of creating harmony with others. Although an introverted Nine may be sitting peacefully next to you in a board meeting, while the extraverted Nine is at the center of attention at a party telling jokes and making everyone laugh, both individuals are creating a sense of harmony. It's true many Nines have a good sense of humor and use this skill to make people laugh and put them at ease.

Nines can get along with just about anyone and fit well into an organization. They will excel in situations where their harmonizing effect on a team is needed. Nines often rise to the top ranks in corporate America as the critical players who buffer conflict between other big egos. They also do well in fields that bring comfort and well-being to others.

Under stress, the Nine will act much like a Six. When relaxed the Nine can act like a Three. While the skills of the Six can help the Nine excel in certain areas, developing the characteristics of the Three can be extremely beneficial to the Nine's career success and overall well-being.