TYPE SEVEN: The Enthusiast

Motivated to explore the possibilities.

Enthusiasts are driven to try new possibilities. Sevens are eternal optimists and enjoy exploring frontiers to see what options might be possible beyond the current status quo. A Seven might be a Marketing Director putting a new spin on the positioning of a company, a Director of Product Development adding a new feature enhancement with the latest technology, or an Executive Coach helping a client explore his full potential. A famous Seven is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who prides himself in his varied history of innovation from the first type fonts used on Macintosh computers to the award-winning interface of music iPods. Hand-in-hand with a Seven's style of innovation is a sense of enthusiasm and fun.

Sevens are also known as generalists. They enjoy learning and gathering information, but prefer to learn about a lot of different things. Sevens don't like to feel limited, and therefore are less likely to stick to the confines of one area of expertise. They prefer to jump between two or three functional areas or fields of knowledge. Most Sevens are remarkably multi-talented and have the ability to bring together a variety of different skills in interesting ways. For example, at work a Seven might combine three disparate skills: speaking a foreign language, accounting, and graphic design. On the side for fun, this Seven would also pursue a few hobbies.

Sevens especially excel in roles where their ability to see the possibilities can positively transform a product or organization. Sevens are also happiest when their job includes a lot of variety and allows them to develop diverse skills.

Under stress, the Seven will act much like a One. When relaxed the Seven can act like a Five. While the skills of the One can help the Seven excel in certain areas, developing the characteristics of the Five can be extremely beneficial to the Seven's career success and overall well-being.